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Beginning this October, we will be starting our winter training program. The shop will be open everyday for group and individual training on indoor bike trainers. Every rider will receive an individualized program to help them meet their goal. The training sessions will be conducted by Marian. 

Marian is a national level certified cycling coach and a former competitive cyclist with over 45 years of racing experience. He has won numerous provincial and national championships, and was the coach of the Manitoba Cycling Provincial Team for 8 years. He has coached numerous national champions, with a number of them going onto professional cycling careers.


Level 1 - Fitness 

Intended for the average person interested in improving fitness 

Ideal program for improving general fitness, weight loss, and toning 

Customized program for your fitness goals 

Introduction to cycling program 

Level 2 - Performance 

Intended for athletes looking to improve their results in competitions 

Ideal for performance athletes 

 Improve your results in road, mountain bike, cyclocross, and triathlon

 Individualized results oriented program 

 Possibility of year long coaching Race planning and strategy

Fitness testing  



Please contact Marian at the shop or send an email to if you have any questions.